eBay Click and Collect

E-commerce giant eBay is trialing the click and collect services in UK where shoppers can buy goods from eBay online, then pick up their orders at the large retailer’s store or Argos. In addition, eBay said it will be bringing its same-day delivery option.

Ebay’s click & collect services will operate on two levels: for large retailers who have physical stores and also sell on eBay, they can now give users the option to pick up goods in their respective stores instead of having them delivered. For smaller eBay merchants, eBay has struck a deal with the Argos chain of stores for home goods for users to get their ordered goods delivered there.

Argos deal will cover around 150 UK stores and some 50 eBay merchants initially. This will allow consumers who do not want to buy certain items with delayed delivery more convenience in getting those goods more instantly, coupling that with the physical retail shopping they’re going to do anyway.